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Legal Notice

Federal law and regulations do not allow us to transfer firearms to non Federal Firearms Licensee. Buyer have the responsibility to check with the local and regulation for restrictions on any firearms purchase. Nova Armament, LLC. reserve the right to denial any transfer may violate receiving state and local law.

Purchase of Auto Knife:
By purchase the Auto Knife on this web site, you have consent that you understand your local law and regulation of owning and procession of such item. IT IS THE BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE LOCAL LAW. We, Nova Armament, LLC. can not be hold responsible for understand local laws, and regulations of procession of such item. 

Knife Purchase:
Yes, We Sell real knives! The Blades are extremely sharp on most of the knives we sell. THEY ARE NOT TOYS, they will reflect bodily harm or cause death if not used with cautions. It is buyers understanding by purchase such item from us that buyer release us any and all responsibilities from any accusation, and litigation.
By purchase knife or knives on this web, you also consent that you are a person can legally owning such item, and understand the local laws and regulations on owning and process such items. 
Nova Armament, LLC. should not hold any responsibility of any person's criminal intent by purchase knife or knives on our website. 

High capacity magazine purchase online, and shipping:
It is the buyers responsibility to know and understand local law on high capacity magazine. However, Nova Armament, will not ship any high capacity magazine to location will prohibit procession of such item, such as CA, NY, NJ, MD etc. Order of such item from such states will not processed by Nova Armament, LLC. A restocking fee of $10.00 will be subtracted from purchase price.  
Order of firearms come with a high capacity magazine from the factory will accepted by Nova Armament, however, it is the buyers understanding that magazine WILL NOT ship to the buyer based on the above reasons.   

Purchase regulations:
Nova Armament, LLC. reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order at any point in the transaction for any reason, regardless if any invoice has been printed or listed. Sales are not final until the order is received by the customer.

Shipping and handling will calculated base on ups rate.
international order will not processed until the shipping have arranged.
Any item regulated by ITAR will not be shipped internationally.