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Plenty of parking is available either in front of our store on Center Street, or in the parking lot behind our store.

Payment Options:
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express in store and online. We do not accept personal check, Discover Card, or PayPal payments.

In Store Carry:
We welcome open and concealed carry in our shop. However, for your safety and ours, do not remove any firearms, loaded or unloaded, from a holster, fanny pack, purse, or pocket. If bringing a firearm in for trade-in, outgoing transfers, or armorer work, please carry it in a hand-held container of some sort and only remove it at the direct request of an employee.

Children & Pets:
No one under 18 is admitted into the store without an adult present.
Accompanied children are welcome, but may only handle firearms or merchandise with the direct supervision and consent of the accompanying adult(s). It is asked that young children remain under the control of the accompanying parent.

Pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash or restraint and remain reasonably well-behaved.

Refunds & Exchanges:
Sales on all firearms and ammo are final. All other items may be returned with original purchase receipt within 30 days.

The Back Door:
The back door is for employees only and and for security reasons it remains closed and locked at all times. Please walk around to the front door for entry into our store.

Firearm Purchases:
Please see our Transfer Section for laws and policies involving sales of firearms.