Top 4 Carrying Position for Springfield XDS

You want to carry your Springfield XDS pistol everywhere you go. But, which is the best carrying position for you? The Springfield XDS is by far the most popular concealed carry pistol in the United States. There should be little challenges when it comes to concealed carry. This is important in States that have strict rules on concealed carry laws. In such states, you want to conceal the gun fully but still achieve excellent safety and good access.

Gun holsters look to serve three major roles of safety, security, and accessibility.  The ideal xds holster must secure the firearm in a secure position giving you full control over it. It must also prevent accidental triggers and offer excellent access when needed. In this post, we are going to cover four carrying positions for Springfield XDS. These positions are:

The Waistband Position for XDS

This is the best and most popular position for carrying your pistol safely and securely. Under this position, we have belt holsters that secure the gun to the inside or outside of your waistband.  The inside of the waist also known as the IWB holster is by far the best choice for concealed handguns holsters. XDS iwb holster slide or clip on the belt on the inside of the waistband. They keep the gun secured and concealed on the inside. IWB holsters offer the best-concealed carry but do not offer the quickest access to your pistol.

We also have the OWB holsters that secure the gun to the outside of the waistband.  The entire gun rides outside your pants. OWB holsters are among the oldest holsters used by cowboys. They are extremely comfortable and offer an easy way to access your pistol. However, they are poor at concealing and not suitable for citizens. However, some of the latest OWB holsters are compact and can hide beneath a long untucked jacket or shirt.

The Shoulder Position

Carrying your gun on your shoulders is another convenient way. The guns usually hang from straps wrapped around your shoulders. They hang underneath your armpits with the straps crossing your shoulders and back. This is a convenient way that gives space for a gun and a spare magazine. You’ve probably seen shoulder holster in various action movies.

Since the straps move over your back, this position requires one to wear a jacket or sports coat. The jacket will offer excellent coverage keeping your gun concealed. Shoulder holsters are important for persons that spend their lives on the desk or inside a car. The position is quite comfortable without the gun digging into your waist. Moreover, they provide enough space to carry an extra magazine as you try to balance the weight on the shoulders.

The biggest drawback to the shoulder position is having the gun muzzle pointing directly at what is behind you when drawing. You also have to wear a jacket which is not ideal during summer.

Ankle Position

Carrying your gun on the ankle position is another excellent way to conceal it.  The ankle position is perfect for the Springfield XDS since this gun is compact and lightweight. You need ankle holsters which are generally padded elastic straps or neoprene band. The band is wrapped around the ankle with the gun fitting on the inside of the support leg side. This position is convenient especially when carrying more than one gun. It provides the perfect small gun backup option. The position is also convenient to draw especially when on the ground hurt.

The biggest con about this position is accessing the gun fast enough.  The process seems easier but quite difficult in reality. You have to bend over and move your pants out of the way.

Pocket Holsters

A pocket carry is now a viable option with the Springfield XDS. The pocket here refers to the front pocket of your pants. However, you can also use your jacket pocket depending on the size. It is a convenient method to carry discreetly but one with pros and cons.

However, you should never carry a gun in a pocket without a holster. The holster secures the gun and protects the trigger. You don’t want to fumble your fingers inside your pocket and accidentally end up catching the trigger. There should be nothing else in the same pocket as keys.

The best thing about pocket holster is the perfect concealment they create. With the right pocket holster and good pocket choice, you can also increase gun security greatly.  There are also minimal chances of losing or having your gun stolen when in the front pocket. The biggest con when using a pocket holster has to do with the pocket size. You want to make sure the pocket is big enough to draw the gun quickly even when under stress. Pocket holsters also provide a big challenge when seated.

Final Verdict

The best concealed carry comes down to various basic factors. You need to understand why you’re carrying the gun in the first place and choose the most suitable carry position and holster. For everything related to choose a concealed carry holster that suit for your requirement, you can check out this site: