How to Choose IWB Holster

IWB holsters are the most popular holsters out there and there’s a reason why. While carrying a piston, safety is very important. Besides the gun belt, holsters are very essential. While there are holsters that lie outside the gunbelt (OWB Holsters), IWB holsters stay inside your waist belts. This gives it a more secure and concealed feel.

Most people feel uncomfortable being around people they feel is armed. IWB holsters eliminate those fears by safely concealing your pistol. Another importance attached to the IWB holsters is its convenience and ease-of-use. The holster tucks the pistol close to your shooting arm making for flexible use.

Before going out to choose an IWB holster, there are a few things you have to consider. We’ll be giving you the best buying guide for choosing your IWB holster. Read a very comprehensive article from IDFHolsters.

Things to Consider When Choosing IWB Holster

Unlike some other holsters, the IWB holster does not come in one-for-all sizes. They come in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes and as you must have guessed durability. While getting one, you would need something to guarantee your safety, convenience, durability, and be worth every penny. Well, here are the things you need to consider when choosing the IWB holster.

  1. Budget

The first thing everybody should consider when going out for a product is their budget. How much do you have and are planning to spend in an IWB holster? What concealer holsters are available to you at that price? Can you get the best at that rate? Is there a need to top-up your budget to acquire the best? These are questions that need to be answered in order to know what you are going for.

If you want the best IWB holsters, you have to be ready to spend more. However, it would be a misconception to assume that there are not high value IWB holsters that come cheaper. You can also get the best quality concealer holsters at a very affordable price. You just have to look well.

  • Holster Material

Here’s us calling it out straight. Material determines durability. While on your search, there are several holster materials you would come across. However, the most common and durable are the kydex and leather. Before choosing one of these two, you have to understand what comes with both.

  • Leather

Leather is more durable than kydex. Nevertheless, leather has been found to be slippery which reduces the safety that should come with an IWB holster. They can become very slippery in certain climates. 

  • Kydex

Kydex are also durable but not as durable as the leather holsters. If you are looking for a more cost-effective and durable choice, you should consider kydex. Asides cost effectiveness, kydex iwb holster has been found to be safer because it has a surface that encourages friction. This means that it is less slippery and can be held in place without any threats of falling off. 

Whichever material choice you make, consider the pros and cons with them and go for the one that best suits you. You could also check out hybrid IWB holsters.

  • Safety

One of the main purposes of getting an IWB holster is safety. IWB holsters are created in different styles so; you have to consider the kind of safety feature you are in need of. To know this, consider your daily activities and understand how secure you want your pistol to be. You don’t necessarily need a high activity routine to go for a secure holster. You have to be prepared for all scenarios. 

To get a safe holster, examine the detentions features on the OWN holster. Ensure that it provides a secure fit to prevent losing control of your pistol. Some high value IWB holsters have click features that notifies the holder of when the pistol is properly placed

  • Size and Fit

Like we explained earlier, IWB holsters come in different sizes. It would not be wise to get any holster without considering its fit. Here’s how to determine if a holster fits your pistol;

  • Buying Online

Make a research on your gun to see the specifications. Consider the design and look for the best IWB holsters to fit your pistol size and design.

  • Buying in Store

It is best advised that you go in to get your IWB holster yourself. With this, you can physically carry out tests to know which one is best. You also get to experience the best carrying positions and which gives the best comfort. 

When getting the best value IWB holsters, check if it accommodates various carrying positions, and styles. This would enable you the flexibility of changing the position whenever you like without changing holsters. 

  • Functionality

Most important is that the IWB holster you choose contributes to your comfort and functionality throughout the day. Nobody wants a holster that gets in the way of their activities. Your waistband and clothes contribute to how well you function with a pistol at hand, but the holster determines how uncomfortable you would feel.

IWB holsters need to be comfortable because you would be wearing them for a very long time and for long hours throughout the day. With comfort comes functionality. A comfortable IWB holster should be light in weight. Another comfort advice would be to get a larger waistband size as opposed to a smaller one. This would ensure a more comfortable fit.

Finally, functionality also brushes on the fact that your holster should support easy withdrawal and replacement of your handgun. Look for an IWB holster that works well with your active arm. This may be the left arm or the right. Make sure you check if the IWB holster is designed for the left side of the right.

Also, some holsters are more adaptable than others. This means that you can choose to place them on either side. If you want a holster that can support your withdrawal while sitting, you can also consider the cross-draw options. 

  • Conceal ability

The whole idea of IWB holsters is its concealing feature. You have to choose one that clearly defines that purpose. While your choice of clothing and waist belt helps in this purpose, an IWB holster should prevent printing and slip-outs. Some states have a ban on open carriage of pistols or arms.

So, if you want to navigate through this, your weapon must be successfully concealed. For the best concealing holsters, you can consider brands that offer holsters that minimize the weight and materials used in making the holsters without compromising on the quality.

Another reason for concealing your pistol is not to create alarm or panic among people. A proper concealing holster keeps your handgun properly concealed and makes it very functional in the same light. 


Pistols are very important especially in specific lines of work. What you owe yourself is ensuring your safety and that of the people around. This is where IWB holsters come in. While there are the holsters that can be placed outside the waistband, the IWB holster ensures conceal-ability, comfort, and safety.

We have highlighted all you need to know before, and while getting an IWB holster. It doesn’t matter if you are getting it online or in store. Following our guide would only give you the best.